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Basic sessions
See the training types below required to develop your running. Individual training requirements will depend on your current level of fitness and your running objectives. It's all in the balance of training types and recovery.
  Training type Explaination & benefits Example training sessions
  Speed Develops CV fitness and strength. Only sustainable very short periods due to anaerobic nature. Short distances with long recovery:
100m x 10 with 2 mins recovery
200m x 4 with 90 secs recovery
  Endurance The ability to run continuously for extended periods. Develops strength-endurnace and helps with pace judgement. Continuous running at a sustainable pace:
Typically greater than 15 minutes and up to 2 hours or more.
  Speed-endurance As the name suggests, a combination of speed and endurance. Conditions the body to run faster for longer distances with limited recovery. Longer distances but shorter recoveries:
400m x12 with 1 minute recovery
1000m x 5 with 30 seconds recovery
  Threshold (also known as tempo or a 'hard' run) Running at around your maximum pace for a specific time or distance. Warm up then run at your maximum sustainable pace for 3 miles/20 mins or more, depending on your experience
  Hills Hills are tough but training will imrpove your strength and fitness. Will also boost your confidence. Short hills with long recovery for power and strength
Longer hills with stort recovery for strength-endurance
  Fartlek A continuous run with faster sections. Could include all aspects of training in one run. A steady run but with increased pace for a set distance or set time then continue at steady pace. Could also include hills
  Drills Dynamic exercises designed to develop speed, flexibility and strength. Hopping, bounding, strides, kick-outs etc.
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