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We aim to provide impartial running related information with a solid scientific basis, to get you running well. See the topics below to learn how to develop your running by effective training and planning for your individual requirements.
  Why we run?
The reason we run is very much indiviual. Take a few minutes to reflect on why you run and what you plan to achieve, thinking both short-term and further ahead.
Latest News: Running in 2016!
With the warmer weather here, we will adapt sessions to work towards your 2016 running goals.
Based at the YMCA Wimbledon
In association with RUNENGLAND
New May training plan
  Training sessions
Wednesdays at the YMCA, Wimbledon Broadway:
7:00pm for novice and nervous.
7:30pm improvers/main session
The basis of training
To run strong and well for prolonged periods, we need a blend of strength, speed and endurance. Your fundamental training sessions should target these regimes.

Couch to 5km
We can provide help and support for those getting from the couch to 5km.

  Run well and injury free
Plan your running to build on you current fitness. Key quality sessions, with appropriate recovery, will increase your strength and much reduce the risk of injury.
A link to common running related questions.
We can prepare you for the free weekly 5km runs in parkland around the UK.
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