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Key running sessions
Below are the key sessions for your strong running base and one of each type should be included in any weekly plan. The amount, distances and recovery will depend on individual fitness at the time, as well as running objectives.

Hard or Tempo: Cardiovascular Fitness
Warm up (5-10 mins) then run for 10-30 minutes at or around your maximum sustainable pace for the duration of the run.


Short efforts with recovery (Reps): Speed and Strength
Warm up (5-10 mins) then run for 1-5 minutes faster than your normal pace then recover for 30-90 seconds before repeating the fast effort 4-12 times.


Long runs: Endurance
Prolonged strength and CV training will allow you to run for longer periods at higher intensity.


Recovery and when to run: Commitment
Knowing when to recover and running when you feel good will keep you commited to training and improve your performance by reducing the risk of injury.

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