Getting you fit to run


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runYMCA Winter training locations
During the winter months we have structured training to develop your speed and strength in selected locations close to the YMCA in Wimbledon.
Come along and try the training sessions - we are here to help you with your running and fitness.

  Location Possible sessions Distances
  Princes, Kings, Dudley, Trinity Rd Hard, jog, hard, jog

Hard, hard, hard, recovery

300, 80, 250 and 80m

630 and 80m

  Dudley, Kings , Trinity Rd Steady, hard, jog

Hard, hard, jog

260, 280 and 150m

540 and 150m

  Melbourne Rd Hard then 30-60 sec recovery




  Southey, Pelham, Monague, Kingston Hard, jog, hard, jog

Hard, hard, hard, recovery

225 and 100m

550 and 100m

  Brisbane, Bathurst, Queensland, Milner

Hard, hard, hard, jog

300 and 75m