Getting you fit to run in 2016


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runYMCA Training sessions
After formulating individual training requirements for the 2016, we can get down to some speed-endurance sessions. These are run at a faster than usual pace but with appropriate recovery. This type of training will complement long runs and threshold runs, making you fitter, stronger and faster.

  Wednesday 4 May 2016 Quicks Road park: 6 x 150m then relay session Time to work on speed and strength in the warmer weather
  Wednesday 11 May 3km circuit then 100m strides x 6 Steady run then quality strides to complete the session
  Wednesday 18 May South Park Gardens
Medium, hard, easy/walk x 5 + 6 x 100m
3 basic running speeds then speedy reps to finish
  Wednesday 25 May 3km circuit then 100m strides x 6 Warm up, then strong middle km followed by quality efforts