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The basis of training
By going back to the basics, learn how to develop your running by effective training and planning to meet your individual requirements and goals.
  Run well and injury free
Plan your running to build on you current fitness. Key quality sessions, with appropriate recovery, will increase your strength and much reduce the risk of injury.
Recovery is at the heart of all training. Training followed by appropriate recovery results in a stronger fitter body. Recovery at all levels is important: between efforts, between sets, between sessions and between training periods.
Tempo run: What is it?
To find out the answer to this question go to Frequently Asked Questions by clicking on the headline above.
  Running: Types of training
To run strong and well for prolonged periods, we need a blend of strength, speed and endurance. Your training should target these regimes.
Experience: Your current level
While actual chronlogical age is a factor, your running experience is also a major consideration. Building key strengths in a structured way will help achieve your running goals injury free.
  Mental and Tactical Training
It is not just the physical training. Often overlooked are mental and tactical skills.
Targeting specific events
Preparation for a selected event is all about progressing from you current level of fitness to being best prepared on the start line on the day. The key is adapting training to both the individual and the event.
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